Pot Painting

Painting a flower pot for your home can improve the splendor and appearance of any room.

A painted flower pot can bring pleasure to the sick.

It’s a way to express your love when you give a painted flower pot for a gift.

Ceramic Pot Pot PaintingMaterial Required

Pot painting is not very expensive as most of the things needed such as clay pots, vases, paints, brushes, ribbon, tooth picks, macaroni, thread, stencils, plaster of Paris, glitter (or whatever else strikes your imagination) are mostly available at home. Some things, however, such as spray paints (which are a wee bit costly), clay pots and vases (you can even use the ones in your garden) and enamel paints and, if you need, dust (which comes in different colours such as silver, gold, bronze) etc. needs to be brought from the shops. These things can be bought from hardware shops or any arts and crafts store.

Once you get hold of these things the options are endless. You can make miniature drawings on pots and colour them, do collage work, try the thread, stamp effect (which can be made by taking a long piece of thread rolling it in dust mixed with turpentine oil (mati ka tail) which can then be applied on to the pot), drip paint on the pot to create funky designs which is called the dripping effect, make the marble effect, decorate a cut work pot with laces and ribbons (which make excellent lamps), do stencil work on the vases and then fill them up with rice etc.,

Tips and Tricks

One good trick is to dip them in turpentine oil (mati ka tail) for some time, which makes them as good as new. The same can be used for removing enamel paint stains from floors (although unfortunately it doesn’t work on clothes!). Also while sticking objects on the pots use white glue instead of the others as it holds fast. Once a pot breaks, it’s gone, but fixing the pieces together with a paste of Plaster of Paris does restore them sometimes.

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